Friday, November 13, 2009

White Pants ... After Labour Day

One of the staples in Jane's wardrobe was the white pant. She defied the fashion rules by wearing these flared pants. They were always crisp and always gave her outfits a fresh ease. I was inspired by this photo of Serge and Jane below, to document a little Style Replica of Jane's essential item.

There are two ways to wear this look - casual and dressed up. To the left are incredibly soft James Perse linen pants - perfect for lounging about or visiting the country side like Jane did! :) But for a more formal look, the Diane von Furstenberg pants are perfect with a leather jacket or black trench.

Left to right: James Perse linen pants ; Diane von Furstenberg tuxedo pant
Jane chose to wear her white linen pants with a rolled up tee, and such a look is easy to recreat with any white tshirt - just make sure that the neckline is high! It would be way too revealing to be showing a midriff and a chest! This Bassike square cut organic cotton T-shirt is perfect for the look. It seems that Jane is wearing a gold chain in the photo ... either way, adding a charm necklace would make this look all the more memorable - with Jane's style, it is the little details that count.

left to right: Bassike Square cut organic cotton T-shirt; Alex Monroe 22-karat gold plated feather necklace
More pictures of Jane in white pants ... I love the little lace top she wore in the third photo. I'm amazed that she revealed so much yet remained demure doing so ...

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