Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Most Beautiful Women by Patrick Lichfield

I have never seen this image of Jane in an Ossie Clark dress in such high quality. She loved to rock colorful hippie pieces once in a while, and this photo perfectly captures that aesthetic! There is also an interesting blurb from photographer Patrick Lichfield below ...

"This photograph was taken in Paris for American Vogue just after Jane's notorious record 'Je t'aime' had been released. The song was banned in countries all over the world and Jane's screen career - she made her debut in Blow Up - has been equally risque. However, it would have been hard to find anyone whose looks so belied her career. She arrived with a basket containing little else besides her knitting and a clutch of quails' eggs looking to me like a spectacular, but still demure, schoolgirl." - Patrick Lichfield, 1981

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