Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Most Beautiful Women by Patrick Lichfield

I have never seen this image of Jane in an Ossie Clark dress in such high quality. She loved to rock colorful hippie pieces once in a while, and this photo perfectly captures that aesthetic! There is also an interesting blurb from photographer Patrick Lichfield below ...

"This photograph was taken in Paris for American Vogue just after Jane's notorious record 'Je t'aime' had been released. The song was banned in countries all over the world and Jane's screen career - she made her debut in Blow Up - has been equally risque. However, it would have been hard to find anyone whose looks so belied her career. She arrived with a basket containing little else besides her knitting and a clutch of quails' eggs looking to me like a spectacular, but still demure, schoolgirl." - Patrick Lichfield, 1981

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Had the paparazzi presence been as plentiful in the sixties as it is today, I am quite sure that Jane and Serge would have been France's Brangelina ... in fact, they probably were! To put a little fun twist on this passionate couple, I've christened Jane and Serge ... Jaserge! Sure it is a little cheesy but that's alright ... Perhaps there are other names - Serane? Jerge? Sergane? But those all sound like detergents! Moving on, my absolute favourite photo of the couple. Nothing tops this picture of Jane and Serge ... ahem JaSerge! ... in front of the Kensington Gardens street sign. When French and English cultures meet!

Friday, November 13, 2009

White Pants ... After Labour Day

One of the staples in Jane's wardrobe was the white pant. She defied the fashion rules by wearing these flared pants. They were always crisp and always gave her outfits a fresh ease. I was inspired by this photo of Serge and Jane below, to document a little Style Replica of Jane's essential item.

There are two ways to wear this look - casual and dressed up. To the left are incredibly soft James Perse linen pants - perfect for lounging about or visiting the country side like Jane did! :) But for a more formal look, the Diane von Furstenberg pants are perfect with a leather jacket or black trench.

Left to right: James Perse linen pants ; Diane von Furstenberg tuxedo pant
Jane chose to wear her white linen pants with a rolled up tee, and such a look is easy to recreat with any white tshirt - just make sure that the neckline is high! It would be way too revealing to be showing a midriff and a chest! This Bassike square cut organic cotton T-shirt is perfect for the look. It seems that Jane is wearing a gold chain in the photo ... either way, adding a charm necklace would make this look all the more memorable - with Jane's style, it is the little details that count.

left to right: Bassike Square cut organic cotton T-shirt; Alex Monroe 22-karat gold plated feather necklace
More pictures of Jane in white pants ... I love the little lace top she wore in the third photo. I'm amazed that she revealed so much yet remained demure doing so ...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lutz & Patmos by Jane Birkin

I was flipping through my old issues of Harper's Bazaar and just came across this article on Jane's collaboration with luxury knitwear brand Lutz and Patmos. In the last spring season Jane worked with the French label to create a classic sweater as a guest designer. She continued her ties with L&P this season, where she designed a sweater ... dress! You should definetly take a moment to read this article - I thought that there were interesting little tidbits throughout the feature (I can't believe Jane covered her Birkin bag with peace stickers! But then again, if you are the namesake of the bag, I'm sure you wouldn't have trouble getting a new one!).

US Harper's Bazaar March 2009
There are also a few interesting features on the Lutz and Patmos site. Under 'About Lutz and Patmos' at the link 'Guest Designers' Jane is featured as well as her collection for last season. It is quite cool that she was asked to design for L&P twice! Jane also guest designed for this Fall 2009 season ... And looking at the variety of people that the brand has hired has made me fall in love with this label - anything with Sofia Coppola, Carine Roitfeld and Fabien Baron ... and I'm in!

Above: Jane on the Lutz and Patmos Guest Designers profile page

Jane's collection is nothing groundbreaking, but is perfect for that one piece that you will treasure forever, which I am sure is L&P's goal. There has to be that one perfect sweater or dress hanging in your closet and Jane has created it! I think both of her items would be a worthy investment piece.

Left to right: Jane for Lutz and Patmos Spring 2009 ; Lutz and Patmos Fall 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black and White and Chic All Over

One of my favourite images of Jane below. I love how elusive and shy she looks - but in other photos from this set she is sporting a huge grin! This is also one of my favourite outfits of Jane. I love that many people believe her style to be so simple but it is the little details like the buttons on the silk shirt and the two toned lapels that make this outfit so fresh.

I've found two similar pieces on but the exact details are hard to replicate ... I think this look would be perfect if you wanted to have a masculine/feminine approach to evening wear.

Left: Donna Karan Cotton-blend wrap shirt. Although Jane wears a simple silk tank in the photo above, I think that this wrap shirt from Donna Karan achieves the same effect. It is also a basic with a twist and would look great against a black fitted jacket.

Right: Paul and Joe Wool-blend tuxedo jacket. Paul and Joe is a great Parisian label that makes beautiful separates. I am sure that if you were to buy this jacket you would treasure it forever.

The Jane Birkin Files

Welcome to the first ever post of The Jane Birkin files, a blog I have just created on the amazing British singer and actress Jane Birkin. She is such a source of inspiration for me ... hopefully I can create this blog as a little thank you. Mostly it will focus on her style but I will include Jane's music and acting as well. In a time when chic and tasteful celebrities are few, I think its necessary to look back on this icon for inspiration. Enjoy!

Say Cheese! Jane takes up photography during the 1975 Cannes Film festival ...